Bamboo culms and seedling sales

We cultivate and sell these two species of bamboo in commercial quantities: Oxytenanthera Abyssinica and Beema Bamboo.


Bamboo seedlings

We grow and sell high quality bamboo seedlings to individuals, NGOs and government institutions for plantation projects. Our seedlings are healthy and robust and therefore have a high success rate.

Bamboo culms (Bamboo poles)

We also sell bamboo culms(Bamboo poles) to bamboo bicycle manufacturers, and construction companies as scaffolding materials and bamboo charcoal manufacturers among others.

We also establish bamboo nurseries and bamboo plantations for organizations.

At Kwamoka, we have the experience to supply bamboo poles and bamboo seedlings for both small and large scale projects at the most competitive prices.

Cassava plantation

The company has dedicated 1000 acres of its land for the cultivation of cassava as a source of raw materials for the cassava starch factory.

Revegetation services

We rehabilitate degraded lands to fully functional ecosystem using bamboo. This sector is manned by a dedicated and experienced team to provide erosion control services. We ensure that the required environmental specifications are met for our client’s project at competitive costs.

WE LOOK FORWARD TO serving you WITH excellence