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Starch processing

The proposed cassava starch factory shall be located on the farm. The facility will have the capacity to process 80 tons per day of fresh cassava roots that will yield 20 tons per day of fresh cassava starch. A 1,000 acres of our farm land has been designated for cassava cultivation. We are targeting a least 1,200 acres from an out grower scheme that will support the cassava starch plant for 300 days/year.

We believe that, to ensure the sustainability of our source of supply of our raw materials, specifically cassava the farmers in the community should be included as our business partners through our out grower scheme.
The project will focus on improving the production at the project sites and out-growers to increase yields to improve the livelihoods of at least 500 small-scale farmers within the catchment area.
            Financial limitations have led many farmers in Ghana to produce much less than their land will actually allow
Our out grower scheme is working with Crop Research institute of Ghana (CSIR-CRI) and the farmers to achieve our goals through production and supply of high yielding improved planting materials to outgrowers, training of out-growers to produce high quality roots for processing and provision of access for marketing of roots from out-growers. The harvested tubers will be purchased from the farmers for processing.
            The Company has registered about 50 outgrowers in 30-kilometer radius who will undergo on-farm training during Phase one of the project after which they will be certified to produce for Kwamoka in a Nucleus-Outgrower Scheme.
Our company’s policy is to support more women and the youth.

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