As a strategy our projects are founded upon an integration of Sustainability, food security whilst contributing to livelihood improvement.

Currently two (2) main projects are run;

The Main bamboo agroforestry project

The project is designed in phases: Phase one involves the development of two bamboo nurseries and the 480 hectare plantation. This involves the development in phases of 100 acres of bamboo annually intercropped with yellow maize, cowpea and cassava.

Phase two involves the establishment of processing facilities for primary and emerging market products like; Bamboo Charcoal and briquettes, Poles for the local and foreign furniture and craft market. Bamboo floorings

Kwamoka Outgrowers Scheme.

As a way of involving the project community in our work and its future benefits, we ran an outgrower scheme that is duely registered with 20 committed farmers as at now. The farmers are organized under an association and are supported by kwamoka to produce maize and cassava currently.

There is a marketing system in place to ensure that the members get the most out of their farming efforts.

Research Project

We are working on a research project with the International Network for Bamboo and Rattan and Biomass Web