We currently have the following species of bamboo: O. Abyssinica (giant and solid stemmed bamboo) and Beema Bamboo.

Beema Bamboo is a superior tissue culture species developed from Bambusa Balcooa in India; it is regarded as the best biomass crop. In addition to the above listed qualities that are characteristic of Bamboo plants in general, the beema has the following qualities;

Beema bamboo is a remarkably fast growing plant, reaching maturity in less than 4years It is proven to have a High calorific value of 4000 k cal/Kg, It has low ash content Lower moisture content than many other Biomass crops. Thornless

Beema bamboo grows in clumps and is desirable in plantations as a single or mixed stand under agro forest arrangement.

Beema bamboo can replace high demand wood based products such as furniture, housing due to its thick walled nature. This makes it a good choice in areas where energy or non-timber wood is the focus for forest plantation establishment and also a superior variety over the available indigenous species.