To operate as an environmentally sustainable industrial forest company that will help in the reduction of deforestation through the promotion of wider use of bamboo as a renewable natural resource whilst contributing immensely towards rural development and poverty reduction.


The objective of the company is to develop a bamboo industry implementing a total integrated concept that cuts across a number of sectors with emphasis on renewable energy from biomass.

Hence to develop Bamboo as a sustainable and economically biomass energy option, promote its use as a suitable alternative for wood-based charcoal and to produce activated carbon from bamboo charcoal for use in the mining industry.

To establish bamboo plantations in the proposed project sites to serve as raw materials for bamboo charcoal production. To tap into untapped renewable energy resources and sustainable biomass by developing a medium scale private sector bamboo charcoal industry in the proposed project sites. To improve sustainable management of resources by ensuring that a long term bamboo resource base for charcoal production exists. To contribute towards growth and poverty reduction through the implementation of out-grower schemes. To help farmers optimize the returns from their farming efforts and supply them with planting materials through the out-grower schemes.