Kwamako Farms and Processing Limited (KFPL) is a private limited liability company. We are a subsidiary of Kwamoka Group Ghana Limited. The company is licensed as a free zone enterprise with a wealth of experience and passion for the development of sustainable and economically viable green industry.

Our core business is;
Bamboo plantation as a monocrop and a main agro-forestry component, High quality bamboo seedlings sales, Re- vegetation services and General farming (crop and livestock).

These are grouped under three (3) divisions namely:  Seedlings Sales and Re-vegetation Services Division Livestock Division Crop Division OutGrower Scheme Bamboo Agroforestry plantations

The main component of the farm includes the following species of bamboo: O. Abyssinica (giant and solid stemmed bamboo) and Beema Bamboo is a superior clone, selected for high biomass yielding out of Bambusa Balcooa.

Other Components include; Maize, Mango and Cassia spp. (As a fire belt), cowpea and Cassava